08 MAR 2018
Video of the European presentation of the new Porsche Cayenne at Quinta do Vallado's vineyards
Quinta do Vallado ABF Decanter
15 SET 2017
An elegant crystal decanter, manufactured in Portugal by Atlantis, using the traditional technique of manual blowing.
Quinta do Vallado Feira do Douro 2015 by Douro Boys
09 NOV 2015
Quinta do Vallado VAllado Adelaide Tributa
22 JAN 2015
Quinta do Vallado Pontos de Referência
20 JUN 2014
A colection of magnificent shots of Quinta do Vallado's Winery and Wine Hotel.
Quinta do Vallado Enoturismo Quinta do Vallado
20 JUN 2014
Quinta do Vallado Meet the Winemaker
31 JAN 2013
Set in the heart of Portugal's most famous wine region, the Douro, is Quinta do Vallado. Established in 1716, the...
Quinta do Vallado Wildly Spicy Portuguese Wine
20 NOV 2012
Join renowned sommelier Ben Moechtar as he reviews this dry red from Portugal. Made by Quinta do Vallado this Vallado...
Quinta do Vallado Wine Alert: Quinta do Vallado
20 NOV 2012
Gwendolyn tastes and talks about Quinta do Vallado, a dry red wine blend from Portugal.
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