22 JUL 2019

The New York Times Tries Douro´s Best
22 JUL 2016
The distinguished American journal New York Times had a tasting of twenty of Douro's best. Our Quinta do Vallado Reserva Field Blend 2012 was their favorite!
Cistus Ladanifer and Quinta do Vallado
14 JUL 2016
Our most avid followers will recall a discrete white-leafed flower that has always accompanied our back-labels. That's right: Cistus! Find out how this charismatic flower has offered us guidance...
300 Years in the Heart of the Douro
01 MAR 2016
Quinta do Vallado celebrates it's 300th anniversary! Since 1818 the estate has been part of the Ferreira family. It was António Bernardo Ferreira I - Dona Antónia Adelaide...
National Agricultural Awards 2015
21 JAN 2016
Quinta do Vallado took the grand prize at the National Agricultural Awards 2015!
Best of Wine Tourism 2016
16 NOV 2015
Our Wine Hotel in the Upper Douro, Casa do Rio, was recognized for having the finest "Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices" in the Porto and Douro Region.
Robert Parker Reviews our Tawny Ports
23 OUT 2015
Renowned wine critic Robert Parker tried and reviewed our 20 and 40 year old tawny ports. His feedback proves their exceptional quality.
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