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27 NOV 2012


The Adelaide Tributa is one of the most exclusive Port wines in the market.

Produced in 1866, it was bottled in a limited series of 1,300 original crystal decanters, duly numbered and packaged in an exclusive wooden box designed by the architect Francisco Vieira de Campos, inspired by the new ageing cellar at Quinta do Vallado (also designed by Francisco Vieira de Campos). Intended for a very special audience and in a price  range in which only the great wines of the world can stand.

Quinta do Vallado’s purpose in the Port wine segment is to have a full range of what are considered to be the top wines, enjoying the great global prestige that this wine has. More than a rare wine, Adelaide Tributa is the testimony of a long gone season. It is also proof that you can retrieve with quality and know-how the ancient heritage and savoir-faire one of the most beautiful and productive regions of our country.

Once again, Quinta do Vallado rescues Tradition, bringing it to the light of modernity, to the delight and honor all lovers and collectors of the wine universe.

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