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11 JAN 2013

Adelaide Tributa recebe 99 pontos

Mark Squires, conceituado provador de vinhos de mesa Portugueses da revista Robert Parker's Wine Advocate provou e pontuou o Adelaide Tributa.

Eis os seus comentários:

 "I've run into my share of 19th Century Ports recently--1863 Niepoort, Sequeira, the NV Wine and Soul "5G"--all were exceptional and all were very different. This would be my winner of the group. If you are really loaded, keep reading. Very dark in color and far thicker than the 5g (although not, perhaps, as vibrant), this is remarkably thick and viscous--there is no question that it is really, really old and concentrated. It is very complex, too. Laced with molasses and dark chocolate, and a touch of charcoal, it is enlivened by a big hit of acidity. The texture is quite caressing and sexy. Its age shows mostly in its thick demeanor. It reminds me of some century old Moscatels I've had in Southern Portugal. It is remarkably sweet and fresh in most other respects. It is a wonderful experience. There is bad news. You could predict this, huh?  There were 1,300 bottles produced--and they are coming in special decanters running around $3,000 per 750ml bottle. (No, I didn't get one of those bottles, but I did get a taste!)"

99 Points                                                                                    

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