Quinta do Vallado

Although this is the sub-region of the Douro with the lowest density of vine plantation, mainly due to the traditionally difficult access (that now became easier), and lack of labour force, it is nowadays considered as one of the terroirs with most potential in the Douro Region.

Recognizing this undeniable potential, Quinta do Vallado decided to expand its area of vineyards, having chosen the Upper Douro to do so. As such, Quinta do Orgal was aquired, in Castelo Melhor - Vila Nova de Foz Côa, where in 2009 the first vineyards started to be planted.

Since then, more than 30 hectares of vineyards have already been planted, always in the slopes facing North, rising from 127 to 300 meters, predominantly in slate soils. The grape varieties planted were Touriga Nacional (69,5 %), Touriga Franca (27,1%) and Sousão (3,4%).

In a place where nature rules, and is still in an unusual state of preservation, it is our concern that this project does not affect in any way the existing balance. As such, no chemical products are used on the vineyards, neither to treat illnesses or to eliminate plagues.

The official certification of 'organic vineyards' was conceded on the 20th of February 2015, and it is valid since the 20th of February 2012.

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