Vallado Adelaide Tributa Very Old Port 1866

This extraordinary Port is gifted with a seductive color, reminiscent of amber or even mahogany, with greenish streaks as the glass is shaken, a clear signal of this wine's age. The aroma is highly complex and rich, with numerous nuances of dried fruits (figs, almonds, plums), liqueurs, iodine and spices, whilst never ceasing to be fresh and harmonious.

Once tasted, the wine becomes sublime. Extremely rich, unctuous, concentrated, dense but in perfect harmony with its acidity, bringing it and endless and explosive aftertaste, giving the impression that the wine does not want go away.

We are in the presence of a unique wine, very rare; after the 1st tasting it was decided that this wine should not have any correction or "refreshment", and so it was bottled exactly under the same condition as it was in the casks.

The high degree Baumé (13.7) is a clear indication of its old age. In fact, and according to the reports provided, this wine has not undergone any filling of the casks for at least the last forty years.

This wine comes from an original batch of five chestnut barrels, which matured and concentrated over time in an extremely favorable environment, to give only two barrels of 550 liters each.

Year of production:
1866, according to the producer's records. 

This wine matured for most of its long life in 600 litre barrels.

Grape Varieties:
Pre-philoxeric vines where used for the production of this wine, which normally consist in a blend of: Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Touriga Franca, Barroca, Touriga Nacional amongst many others.

Alcohol: 19,5º 

Degree Baumé: 13,5

Bottling: This wine is presented in 1.300 bottles of 75cl all of which are numbered.